Pastoral Council


Two lay trustees for each parish, upon recommendation of the Pastor, are appointed by the Bishop to assist the parish in its existence as a corporate entity in a secular world. 

They serve as members of the board of directors of the parish corporation along with the Bishop (President), the Vicar General(Vice-President), and Canonical Pastor (Secretary-Treasurer).


Peter Broussard

Lizzie Murray



The Pastoral Council has 10 members.  As parish leaders, the role of the council is to advise and make recommendations to the Pastor, to be aware of the needs of the parishioners and Parish Staff, and to provide direction and vision by helping carry out the mission of the parish.

The Pastoral council meets monthly.


Elizabeth Alexander

Patricia “Pat” Cravins

Sonja Henry

Lysandra Johnson

Luci St. Julien

Gail Lee

Joseph Sylvester

Shirley Wiltz



Every parish is obligated to have a Finance Council (Canon 1280).

The Finance Council must be established to assist the Pastor(s) or the canonical administrator in the area of fiscal responsibilites of the parish.


June Andres

Peter Broussard

Lizzie Murray

Kevin Butler

Georgia Richard

Mary Johnson

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